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Whether you're a beginner, improver or advanced Golf or Tennis player, Shot Page has the tools and structure to improve your game. Compare your shots with professional players, get advice from the coaches, improve your practice sessions with training and coaching videos and much more. A community of sports enthusiasts awaits. Sign up for a FREE account and get started or simply have a browse around.

Sign Up
Sign up for ShotPage is via the iOS or Android App, please scan the code, download, and sign up from the app.


Looking to analyse your shots? Once signed up, it's a simple four step process.

Get the App

The Shot Page mobile app can be downloaded from Apple or Android store and will allow you to capture your shots in a way that will make them directly comparable with other shot clips.

Capture your Shots

Perform the shots you're looking to improve and get a friend or coaching professional to capture them for you via the Shot Page App. Your shots will be rendered to a matching Shot Profile.

Upload & Share

Upload your shot to You can set permissions so that your friend's or coaching professional can see, analyse and rate them. You can also upload shot clips of your friend's or professional players which will then appear in their Shot Page.

Analyse & Compare

Visit the Shot Library and have yourself or coaching professional compare your shot with those of the professional players. You can also compare your shots with previously captured shots of yourself or friends.

Hit enough shots? Why not try a Virtual Coaching Session!?

The Pro Studio allows you to receive a coaching session from the other side of the world.

Contextual based video analysis, coaching & training videos, professional coach blogs, virtual lessons and much much more..

Sign up now and upload your shots, connect with coaching professionals and use other features from the Sports Performance Community.

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